Loveland SafeLot Parking
 Rules, Consent and Release of Liability

As a guest (Guest) of Loveland SafeLot Parking (LSP) at either site (the Site), I agree that my conduct will meet the following conditions and that I may continue as a Guest only if I continue to follow these rules at the Churches (the Churches).

I understand that my ability to park at either lot is a privilege and not a right and that LSP reserves the right to terminate my stay at the Site at any time, with or without cause.

The “Host” as used in these rules refers to the person or persons who are authorized by the Churches to make decisions on behalf of their SafeLot spaces. I will be given the name(s) and contact information of the Host(s) upon arrival at the Site.


Site Parking Times and Requirements:

* Operating hours are between 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, my     vehicle will remain off the Site. Exceptions to this rule are for those engaged in any daytime activities offered by the Churches and for those taking advantage of service providers authorized by the Churches that are on site during the day.


* Quiet Hours are from 10:00 pm -5:00 am. Leaving and/or arriving during this time is not allowed, except for the following reasons:

• Employment (advance notification required)
• Medical Emergency
• Family Emergency
• Extenuating circumstances

Adherence to in-and-out times is mandatory. If I need to leave or arrive during these quiet hours, I will notify the Host on duty in advance and receive his or her permission.

No more than one vehicle is allowed per individual or family staying at the Site. RV’s and trailers are NOT permitted. I will maintain my vehicle in operating condition and meet the registration and insurance requirements for the State of Colorado. I will only park within the space designated for me at the Site and will display my parking permit on the dashboard when parked at the site.

If my vehicle becomes inoperable, I will promptly notify the Host. I will have 10 days to repair the vehicle to put it in an operable condition. If I fail to put the vehicle in an operable condition within this time, I agree that my parking permit will be revoked and my vehicle will be towed off the lot to a mutually agreeable location. If an agreement cannot be reached, the vehicle will be towed to a lot chosen by the Churches.

If I plan on not parking in my assigned SafeLot space, I must notify the Host in advance by text or email. If I am absent for more than 2 nights without notification, I understand that I may lose my parking space. I understand that I must use the permitted SafeLot a minimum of 5 nights per week in order to retain a space in the program.


Guest Behavior:

I agree to maintain an attitude of mutual respect and care for each person’s property who are Guests at the Site, will honor their privacy, and will fully cooperate with Church staff and volunteers who assist in the administration of the SafeLot.

I will respect the privacy of the surrounding neighbors and their property.

I will appropriately watch, manage and keep my children safe and ensure they do not leave the confines of the SafeLot.

Absolutely no violent or lewd acts, offensive behavior, or threats (verbal or physical) are allowed at or near the SafeLot.

Harassment towards another on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, or any other applicable status is protected by state and local law and may lead to your removal from LSP SafeLots.

Visible nudity is prohibited.

Guns or firearms of any kind are strictly prohibited, and the use of alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate removal from the SafeLot facility.

I agree to be respectful of my neighbors if I choose to smoke cigarettes either inside or outside of my vehicle.


Conditions for Participation:

Personal belongings may not be left on SafeLot property.

Clients must keep barking dogs in their vehicle. Animals must be supervised and kept on a leash at all times on the property. This includes cleaning up after your pets, including after performing biological functions.

I agree that my stay at the Site is only temporary and that I may be offered opportunities for housing, employment and other resources, including those provided by the Loveland SafeLot Parking, Guiding Connections, the City or other organizations working with the Churches.

Space heaters are not allowed on SafeLot property.


Use and Care of the Facility:

Camping tarps or camping equipment beyond the top of the vehicle, cooking, and loud music are prohibited. Any personal belongings not attached to or included within the vehicle are also prohibited and shall therefore not be left outside the vehicle. Folding chairs may be used next to the vehicle but must be placed in the vehicle when not in use.

All trash will be disposed of in the trash receptacles provided and the area will be kept tidy. All trash will be disposed of daily prior to my departure.

Personal belongings may not be left on the Site while I am absent.

I will be notified if meals are being served in the Churches. Other than these designated times or if I am attending a church function, access to the church building is not permitted unless authorized by the Host.

The Porta Potty, hand washing station, and Churches bathrooms, during the times they are made available, are shared spaces to be treated as such with regard to hygiene and safety. I agree to assist in keeping these areas clean.


Other Conditions:

I will not disclose or advertise the location of any SafeLot site. If referring someone to the SafeLot Program, direct them to

Under absolutely no conditions will the guest(s):

invite other vehicle dwellers onto or to occupy the site or

invite any visitors or any type of patrons into the parking lot or

be picked up or dropped off in the parking lot or

arrange to meet anyone within three blocks of the SafeLot you are assigned to or at any location viewable from the SafeLot property. All vehicle occupants, regardless of length of stay, must be listed on application and approved by the Churches.

I will work with Loveland SafeLot Parking to access appropriate services, including case management.

In consideration of the Churches allowing me the opportunity to participate in the LSP, I hereby release the Churches and its agents, employees, volunteers, officers and members of the Churches from and against all claims and causes of action by reason of any injury, illness, or damages, whether to my person or property, which I or my family may suffer while at the Site or from any activity relating directly or indirectly to my participation in the LSP.
I understand that the Churches will take all complaints and program feedback seriously, and program staff will make every reasonable attempt to interview all parties involved. When not presenting a safety issue or major rule infraction, e.g., carrying firearms, or any major infraction which requires immediate program termination, I understand program non-compliance will be addressed through the issuance of verbal and/or written warnings. A total of three warnings will be issued to participants for minor infractions (e.g., leaving the lot late), and the permit holder's permit will be revoked upon the third warning. Once revoked, I understand that I will be required to meet with the program manager to discuss reinstatement.

Client Confidentiality and Privacy:
I understand the Churches intend to work with other organizations and individuals (Service Providers) to assist me in my effort to secure housing and/or employment or help in other areas that could improve my quality of life or that of my family. I therefore authorize the Churches to disclose to the Service Providers any of my personal information and that of my family’s that the Churches, in their sole discretion, deems necessary or advisable. I also acknowledge there are situations where the Churches feel compelled to disclose this information such as instances perceived by the Churches to be harmful to me or to any person, whether adult or child, that may require notice to law enforcement or other agencies which I understand and authorize.


Background Check:
I understand that the LSP may obtain additional background checks, if circumstances require, on all adults using Loveland SafeLot Parking. For the safety of all participants the presence of certain convictions will disqualify acceptance into the Program.